Exposure Visit for LSE Girls

 In Life Skills Empowerment

From time and again, we initiate an activity wherein we take the Life Skills Empowerment Project girls beneficiaries to various establishments in order to make them familiar with its functioning. Earlier it was the police station, then the post office. This time, we took them to a hospital, Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri East.

The objective of this was to create awareness about health services and facilities available at the hospital. This is done to empower these ladies and make them self sufficient for the future.

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On the behalf of the Holy Spirits Hospital Ms. Veronica Menezes (Sr. Nurse), Ms. Frida Vincente & Mr. Prakash Jadhav (Social Workers) introduced the Hospital and explained to the girls about various services and facilities offered there. The girls were also taken to different departments for detailed understanding of each.

They learned about-

  • Rights & Responsibilities of the Patients
  • OPD
  • Admission Process
  • Diagnostic Centre
  • Blood Bank
  • Community Health Centre
  • Cancer & Health Centre
  • Laboratory
  • Emergency services
  • IPD service (ICU) and its charges & fees
  • Services of Social Work Department
  • Nursing Institute
  • Ambulance Service
  • Discharge procedure

So, the aim was to accomplish two things through this exposure visit-

  • The girls will be able to take responsibilities during medical emergencies and the information which they have now will help them to access the services and spread the awareness within the family and community.
  • She can choose medicine as a career.

Feedback from the Hospital Staff-

Ms. Veronica Menezes (Sr. Nurse) said that, “This is a nice activity where beneficiaries visit the hospital and know the facilities which will help them in the future for themselves, family & community. We have community health centre in Marol area & we are also working with people there. So, this visit in turn also helps us as now these beneficiaries will share the knowledge gained here with the community.  Thanks for Mumbai Smiles for this visit.”

Ms.Frida Vincente (Social Worker) said, “It’s a good activity for the beneficiaries because from these kind of visits they can know more about their health in detail.”


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  • Natasha

    Its just impressive to see such lovely initiatives by the team in the Project. Kudos!!..:)

  • kalidas

    Beneficiaries are learning through the exposure visit. They got information about hospital hierarchy.