Chiranshu, our highest contributor to articles, completes 200 articles

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“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”  

-Khalil Gibran

The volunteers at Mumbai Smiles exemplify the above statement. They come forward to contribute selflessly and make a difference in the society. ‘Giving’ is an act that is initiated from heart, pursued through mind and experienced through the joys emanated by others’. The journey of one of our most dedicated and assiduous volunteer continues on the same path. Chiranshu, has contributed dedicatedly and whole heartedly over the last 1 year. He started volunteering with us from November 2013. The good part was that when he came to us, he wasn’t apprehensive about trying anything new and actually wanted to contribute in the area where we needed the most help. We were in the initial stages of re launching our blog at that time and thus we decided to allocate him for this particular role. The decision was very apt as he could do only offline work since he was a full time working professional.

Since then, he has been writing blogs on a daily basis. His role requires him to coordinate with our associate at Mumbai Smiles  and prepare a write up on the events that are taking place in the organisation on a day to day basis. These blogs are published on our website on a daily basis. He takes out time to write these articles every day. His dedication and desire to contribute to the society has made him complete 200 articles and he wishes to contribute even more. When asked about his experience with Mumbai Smiles, he said the following:

“It’s been an amazing year with Mumbai Smiles. I very much feel a part of Mumbai Smiles family now. I never realised that  writing could be such  a powerful weapon and can reach out to society at large in such an effective manner. The blogs I write give me an opportunity to express myself and at the same time communicate the initiatives and work of Mumbai Smiles to the world at large. I am really glad that I got such an opportunity. I feel privilged that I am able to contribute to the organisation in a substantial way and actually make a difference in the society. Completing a year and writing 200 articles gives me immense satisfaction and makes me proud at the same time.”

It takes a lot of commitment and resolution to dedicate yourself to a cause for such a long span of time. We all take a lot from the society and some of us turn around to give something back to it, Chiranshu is one among those. Thank you Chiranshu. You are certainly our highest contributor to articles and we look forward to work with such dedicated volunteers like you in future.

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