Help Latika to achieve her dream

Latika* is 35 years old and was sold by her husband to the mafias at the age of 19. Since then she has been sexually exploited, constantly being moved from one city to another, until she ended up in Kamathipura, the so-called “red light district” of Bombay. There she spent the last 9 years of hell in which she has suffered all kinds of abuses, day after day.

With your help

We managed to rescue Latika from the exploitation networks, and she is now living safely in our Udaan Center, on the outskirts of Mumbai. She is in the process of rehabilitation, recovering her health and learning the job of tailoring. But she has health problems: eyesight problems, asthma, anaemia… She needs continuous treatment to fully recover physically and psychologically, so that she can earn a living working as a tailoring master, which is the goal of her new life.

Do you want to help Latika achieve her dream?

*Fictitious name to protect her identity.


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