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At Mumbai Smiles, we believe in making people aware of our projects; not just through a verbal dialogue but through demonstration; where anyone who wishes to know about us can experience Mumbai Smiles by visiting our projects. We also believe that anyone who wants to get associated with us must first take a look at how we work.

We take pride in the impeccable execution of our projects and feel an immense sense of satisfaction when we see our beneficiaries grow and move towards empowerment and self sustenance. We enjoy sharing beneficiary experiences and success stories with anyone who wishes to know more about us.

Mumbai Smiles offers a guided visit to our visitors during which you can enjoy an interactive experience with our project beneficiaries. You can visit the Balwadis, the HOPE project, the schools under the Future Smiles project and the training programs under our SEED project. We enjoy showing you around and are overwhelmed when we see a smile on your face during your visit.

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