Know us


Mumbai Smiles began its work in 2005 with a simple dream to support underprivileged children, in a selected number of Balwadiswith support from Spain. Mumbai Smiles is a registered organization – working in Mumbai – that helps hundreds of children to gain access to quality educational opportunities clubbed with other developmental activities. Over the years, we have built an effective, entrepreneurial and passionate global team, a strong and diverse donor base and a foundation for scalable programs.


We aspire to see a Mumbai free of poverty and social injustice, whereby all its citizens can equally enjoy the most basic human rights.


Our mission is to transform the social reality of underprivileged communities in Mumbai to guarantee access to basic human rights and a dignified life.


JUSTICE: Our developmental work is oriented towards enabling equal access to opportunities and universal freedom.

NO DISCRIMINATION: We respect human diversity in all its aspects, without any distinction of race, age, political affiliation, religion or gender.

TRANSPARENCY: We manage our resources with rigour, by committing ourselves to transparency and by being accountable to our partners, donors, beneficiaries and society.

CONSISTENCY:In our words and our actions, we are faithful to following our vision and mission, and our work speaks for itself.

Principles of Performance

COMMITMENT: We are dedicated to our mission and we assume the responsibility of working towards its achievement.

UNITY: We promote teamwork and collaborate with other organisations and institutions to enhance synergies and improve our work.

PARTICIPATION:We employ various mechanisms of participation, integrating all the stakeholders in the implementation of projects, in order to induce true social transformation.

ENTHUSIASM:We are motivated by result-oriented activities and carry out our work with hope, passion and interest.