CSR Policy of Mumbai Smiles

Non-profit organisations, by the very nature of the work they do, have a significant social impact in society, and so, it might be believed that it isn’t necessary to have a CSR policy. Mumbai Smiles, however, feels differently. We believe that non-profit organizations, more than any other organisation, need to be the first to lay down their ethics, social responsibility, environmental care, law, finance and their management conspicuously. 

By studying global public sector and private sector documents, Mumbai Smiles is in the process of developing a CSR policy that is adapted to the Mumbai Smiles reality. 

The Public Sector Documents and Sources include:

The Universal Declaration o 

Global Compact 


Tripartite Declaration

Guidelines for Multinationals

International Organisation of Employers 

Consumers International 

Green Book of the European Union 

The Private Sector Documents include:

AA1000 Series of Standards 

Global Reporting Initiative 

ISO 14000