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As students of Science, we study that cells are called the building blocks of our body. New cells are formed as and when our body needs it and old ones die when their purpose has been served. However, sometimes certain part of our bodies start malfunctioning due to which group of new cells are formed even our body doesn’t require it, and they outgrow the existing cells. This additional growth form tumors and this is called Cancer. It is important to note that Cancer is not just one diseases but a group of more than a 100 diseases, named after the point of origin of this diseases in our body such as Blood Cancer, Lungs Cancer, Breast Cancer etc.

At Mumbai Smiles, HOPE, the pediatric oncology project under our area of work of Health, is one for the children suffering with Cancer, in the age group of 0-18 years, to provide them with psycho-socio support, in terms of counseling and accommodation during the period of their treatment. And to provide medical support, the project has partnered with two hospitals in the city (of Mumbai, where we work) that help these younglings get the treatment to beat the fatal disease. However, during the course of their treatment, it is important to keep their motivation up so they and their families are mentally prepared to combat the ill effects of the disease with positivity and hope so these superheroes then fight against the bad cells, like a stud!

So far, HOPE has been able to support a total of 185 children since its inception, of which 125 beneficiaries have continued into this year and three new beneficiaries were enrolled into the program this year. In order to keep the morale of these children up, the HOPE project often conducts events such as Drawing Competition (with themes such as Earth Day, festival celebration etc), Children’s Day, Birthday Celebrations, Champion of The Month, mostly in collaboration with our partner hospitals, with the objective of supporting these young minds mentally and resourcefully, with the help of educational, medical and nutritional kits at regular intervals.

With this project, we commemorate the World Cancer Day and are trying to do our bit of eradicating this fatal group of diseases from our City of Dreams! Come, join this movement. Write to us at to support us in our struggle against poverty by fighting against it with tools of education, health and livelihood.

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