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Field Coordinator Vipul with a Girl Child Education project beneficiary at the launch event

Mumbai Smiles mainly functions through its 11 projects in the verticals of Health, Education, Livelihood, Awareness and Advocacy. However, last year, Mumbai Smiles, in collaboration with UNICEF and NINE IS MINE, conducted a one-time Opinion Poll project called Play It Safe, which sought the opinion of the children in Maharashtra state of India, as well as that of various stakeholders of the state, in order to understand better the challenges and to design with children effective interventions to defend children’s rights and to protect children from abuse and exploitation. Last week, it was the day to release the results of the Poll project. And today’s blog post is about the first part of this launch event – The workshop called “Haq Ki Shor” (Sound of Rights).


Girl Child Education beneficiaries at the workshop


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This workshop was organised mainly for school children, where two beneficiaries of the Girl Child Education project of Mumbai Smiles also participated to create awareness about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Child Rights among these school going kids.

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The workshop started on a serious note with speakers from the partnering organisations, sharing statistical data on malnourishment and deaths of children in India due to many reasons, through which the meaning and importance of SDGs were explained. And began a fun-learning session for all where small games were conducted, for example, students were to form 4 groups of 8 children each and create short scenes pertaining to a SDG provided to the group, or guess a particular SDG point through songs/alphabets/dance themes etc.


This workshop turned out to be extremely useful for the children, since through fun activities, all 17 SDGs were explained to them in a way that it is difficult to forget them. While the workshop was on a very serious topic, the approach to conducting it made it very interesting for the participants and hence a success!


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