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“To be good, and to do good, is all we have to do.” –John Adams


There are times in life when we all could use a helping hand from a stranger.  Whether it’s opening a door or helping someone load their groceries, helping others is ingrained in us all.  The problem is that if you like to directly help someone, you may not be satisfied with your day to day job.  Volunteering is a way to satisfy that need to directly help and change someone’s life.

An impeccable example of the above statement is Tanvi Shetty, one of our volunteers who volunteered with us in the month of June. Tanvi has a flair for writing and thus wanted to contribute through her writing in a manner that will stay embedded in the memory of Mumbai Smiles. We matched Tanvi’s hobby with our requirement and thus allocated her to our Future Smiles Project. We were looking for a volunteer for our Future Smiles Project who could write case studies of our successful Future Smiles beneficiaries. Tanvi gladly took up this role and dedicated herself for this project and wrote 30 case studies of Future Smiles beneficiaries. Her assignment was unique and arduous since she was required to interview 30 beneficiaries for this purpose and then pen down their experience. These case studies will soon be published in a book, which will highlight the success of our Future Smiles Project.

On the last day of her assignment, she was felicitated by Mr. Narendra Kumar, the Executive Director India, Mumbai Smiles for her excellent job.We thank Tanvi for her contribution and wish her all the best for her future endeavors.


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