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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give” – Winston Churchill

Swarnava Maitra and Ambita Surlekar are true givers. Swarnava is a Computer Engineer and Ambita, a Telecommunication Engineer. Out of their desire to contribute to the society, they approached Mumbai Smiles to volunteer in its various ongoing projects. Coincidentally, we were also looking out for volunteers who could mentor and counsel some of our Future Smiles beneficiaries. The counseling was very crucial at this point of time for our beneficiaries since it was the admissions season at various universities. Swarnava and Ambita mentored one particular beneficiary named Meghna. They helped her in chalking out a comprehensive career path according to her area of interest.

Their guidance was so elucidative that we decided to connect them with our other Future Smiles beneficiaries too.

Meghna wanted to take up engineering but didn’t have a proper roadmap to achieve her goals. So, firstly, Swaranava and Ambita enlightened her regarding various streams within engineering. Secondly, they apprised her of the various entrance exams that she needed to appear for in order to apply to various colleges. The goal was achieved through various rounds of mentoring sessions with her. While these things are simple and process oriented, a student is usually bogged down by a lot of pressure and most often is not sure of what the right decision is. Our volunteers helped Meghna take the right decision.

Meghna is immensely grateful to Swaranava and Ambita for guiding her. She in fact, expressed her gratitude by making a special Thank you card for both of them.

Even now, Swarnava and Ambita continue to hold sessions with Meghna to guide her further in her journey towards a successful career

We thank Ambit and Swarnava for their contribution.


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