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We, at Mumbai Smiles, have been very fortunate to have come across some of the most wonderful people in the world and in Mumbai who associate with us not just in terms of donation but also as volunteers. Volunteers, who form an integral part of the Mumbai Smiles family, as they work to help us, selflessly, by donating their time and expertise towards our Mission and Vision, and to ensure that we are able to progress on the path of development of Mumbai city.

One such volunteer who was with us for almost two months was multi-talented Resham Badlani.

A final year student of Graduation, Resham, lives in Dubai with her brother and parents and often visits her extended family and grandparents in Mumbai during her vacations. This year, on her trip to Mumbai, she decided to spend her time working and gaining experience at our organisation and as she said, she discovered parts of herself that she herself didn’t know existed! “During my interview for volunteering, I was so clear that I want to help with the Admin and HR department and that I have no bone of creativity in me. Although I have tried my hand at a creative software before for a college assignment but I never really took it up because I felt myself to be terrible at it”, said Resham. “But when I worked here, I found myself to be multi-tasking well and I also worked on creatives for upcoming events of the organisation! I didn’t even know that I could be so creative! And I have to say that I had a blast at Mumbai Smiles. All the staff members are so friendly, supportive and encouraging. It is a very productive environment, I must say, especially for someone young and enthusiastic. You guys really bring out the best in people.”

Here is a peek of one of the posters that Resham has created to help us with participating in Mumbai Marathon. In fact, the #PinkForRun campaign is Resham’s brainchild!


Thank you so much for such amazing and kind words, Resham!! We have to say that we had an amazing time working with you. Your ideas, dedication and enthusiasm are definitely contagious and inspiring for everyone. So, all the best with your studies and we wish to see you back again on your next trip to Mumbai!


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