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Throughout the year, here at Mumbai Smiles, we are very fortunate to receive a number of guests who visit us and our projects and support us unconditionally. While many of our guests come to know about us via our Founder & Director General, Jaume Sanllorent’s first book, Bombay Smiles, some of them hear about us from their friends or relatives who are our regular donors.

Recently we had a small group of 3 visitors, Maria, Xavier and Mireia, who came to visit us and spent a day with us exploring our projects and looking at the results it has had over the years. While Maria is an engineer by profession, Xavier and Mireia are still students but soon about to begin their adult-working life. They were especially excited to meet Jaume himself and had a very nice time interacting with the Mumbai Smiles team members as well as community citizens.

Post their day long visit, they left the following comments for us and we really appreciate their kind words for us :

All three of them also made a donation towards our anti-poverty projects and we sincerely thank them for their kind words and gesture!

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