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Bibian, a yoga teacher and Carmen, an auxiliary education teacher by profession, are both from Barcelona in Spain. On their recent trip to Mumbai, they decided to visit us and our projects and spend some time with the Mumbai Smiles family.

On their one day visit to our projects, Bibian and Carmen interacted with the office staff before heading out to the field with our team members. They visited a couple of our Preschool Education centres and the Life Skills Empowerment (LSE) centre and were very happy to see the activities being conducted at all these centres. At the preschool centres, they were happy to observe the happy and excited faces of the tiny tots and at the LSE centre, the excitement among the girls to meet Bibian and Carmen, and vice versa were lovely to see. They all exchanged some happy words to know more about each other; a happy ending to a happy smiling day!

Post their visit, they expressed their happiness at having visited and interacted with the happy citizens of our communities and also left us some very encouraging comments:

Thank you for your support and your lovely words of appreciation for us! Hope to see you again, very soon!!

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