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Meet Philip Richard, one of our visitors in the last month, who spent a day with us and our community citizens, while visiting the various projects, such as the Preschool Education centres, Livelihood centre and the Life Skills Empowerment centre as well.

Philipe is a Canadian national and a sports coach by profession. And as a gift for us all, he not brought a huge jar of Maple Syrup, all the way from Canada, but also became our donor post the visit. A thorough gentleman, he was extremely happy after meeting our community family members and we could see that in his happy smile.

Philipe, on the extreme left

Coincidentally, his visit was on the same day as another set of guests, about whom we will talk in another post. For now, we wish to thank Philipe for the generous support he has shown us and hope to continue our association in future as well! Thanks a lot!

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