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Each year we get visitors from all over the world who come to Mumbai Smiles to see the workings of our projects of Health, Education and Livelihood with their own eyes and to understand the severity of the issues that we, at Mumbai Smiles, are trying to eliminate with our efforts. While some of these visitors are our financial supporters, some are our well-wishers, who have heard about Mumbai Smiles through their friends or work circle or have read our Founder & President, Jaume Sanllorente’s book.

Recently we had a single visitor amongst us, who decided to pay us a visit on his trip to Mumbai and after a day-long visit of our projects, including two Preschool Education Centres, the 1000 Hands Centre and an LSE ( Life Skills Empowerment) session, this is what he had to say about his visit here –

In the picture above, we see him with our long-time collaborator and supporter, Monica in a joyous mood (as their visits happened around the same date).

We hope to see you again Ernesto and we thank you for your support and well-wishes for us, from the bottom of our heart!

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