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Diane, Edgar, Georgina, Carla, Alvaro and Maria from Barcelona visited Mumbai Smiles office and its projects.

Here’s what they had to say-

Diane y sus amigos en el SEED Center, 14 de Agosto“Thank you very much for opening the doors to your organization for us and giving us the possibility of knowing your different actions that you do to improve the conditions of the life of the most needy people in Mumbai.

We are grateful to Natasha for her kindness and for her interest in wanting to show us your contribution in every Project. We encourage you to continue this great work that you are carrying out”.

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  • Kalidas Rote 2015 Oct 05 / 09:37

    6 Visitors visited Mumbai smiles project and they appreciated projects, beneficiaries and Mumbai Smiles team. They acknowledged positively for our work.

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