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A regular medical health check-up is essential to identify health related problems and also to seek solutions and other remedial measures to prevent diseases from striking again in the future.

The Infectious Diseases project at Mumbai Smiles conducted a free medial camp for the people in Vikhroli. Altogether 160 people participated in this camp which is a very good response and shows the level of engagement with the local communities.

Dr. Bharati Bavdane and her team of doctors administered the check-up and process especially for the women who received special attention by way of several tests in order to check Blood Pressure, Anaemia, Blood sugar levels, Hormonal changes and weight measurement. Dr Bharati gave special attention to each and every woman and provided guidance on nutritional support by way of personal nutritional counselling which will help the women as well as their families in the long-run since most of these women are working outside and also take care of their families and other responsibilities at home.

Every beneficiary was happy with the camp and gave very positive response to the camp. They talked about how they learnt something new through nutritional counselling. Since many cannot afford regular check-ups, they were thankful to our team for having conducted the camp.

Special thanks and appreciation to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation for their immense support in terms of medical officers and doctors, who conducted the camp with us and for supporting our project.


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