Transparency being one of our fundamental principles, we are proud to present the financial details of our organisation as follows:



Total Income & Expenses


Balance Sheet

For more details, please refer to our Annual Report here.

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FCRA Details

Year 2016-17:

Quarter Oct-Dec 2016 (Click here)

Quarter Jan-Mar 2017 (Click here)

Year 2017-18:

Quarter Apr-June 2017 (Click here)

Quarter July-September 2017 (Click here)

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Year 2018-19:

Quarter 1 April-June 2018

Quarter 2 July-September 2018

Quarter 3 October-December 2018

Quarter 4 January-March 2019

Year 2019-20:

Quarter 1 April-June 2019

Quarter 2 July-September 2019

Legal Status

India: Mumbai Smiles Foundation is registered with the licence no. 102417 u/s 25 of Companies Act 1956 UIN No. U85191MH2012NPL236113/2012-13
Spain: Sonrisas de Bombay is registered as a non-governmental organization with the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality with the number 08-0424.