The HOPE Project


Sister Metilda, Cancer Center In-charge at Holy spirit interacting with a beneficiary

The HOPE project and its interventions are holistically designed to address the Financial, Psycho-social, Emotional, Nutritional and Diagnostic need of underprivileged children suffering from Cancer, aged 0 to 18 years coming from all over India, admitted at Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri (East), Mumbai.

Affordability, accessibility and utilization of the health facilities are directly proportional to the socio-economic status of the family. There is a need to psycho-socially support the children suffering from Cancer. Most of the cancers in children are curable. However, many children have lost their lives due to lack of comprehensive medical care. This project envisages giving importance to comprehensive care. It emphasizes on the psycho-social aspect that is excluded from the medical care in the typical Indian hospital setting.

So far HOPE has supported 75 children suffering from Cancer. In order to encourage the children, an event named Champion of the Month’ is celebrated to applaud children on successful completion of chemotherapy and radiotherapy cycles thus ensuring sustainability.

Health and education material

Health and Educational material given to HOPE beneficiary

HOPE project beneficiaries celebrating Champion of the month event