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Mumbai Smiles Butterfly Project is unique as it aids victims of human trafficking and provides them with social skills so that they can take independent decisions, thereby improving their confidence and giving them a chance of living a dignified life

25th June

For several years, women who were brought to Mumbai from their village on the pretext of getting a better job and a good-quality life ended up as victims of human trafficking. They are deprived of love, affection, friends, and education. The women, who are mothers, live in brothels and are immediately stigmatised by society. Their children live in shelter homes, as they cannot live with their mothers. This separation affects the mother’s psychological and social behaviour.

Keeping this in mind, Mumbai Smiles Foundation has started the Butterfly Project to coach victims of human trafficking in various life skills that aid their social and psychological development. This helps them manage their mental stress and hones their life skills. Through the life skills coaching, women are empowered with interpersonal and social skills to help them live with dignity.

The project has a specialized module for beneficiaries customised to address their psychosocial needs, and to build their capacities to manage their day-to-day life stress and make independent decisions.  As part of the project, beneficiaries are trained in the following areas – stress management, anger management, soft skills, coping skills, problem solving and decision-making skills. They are also counseled on maintaining adequate health and hygiene. Furthermore, educational opportunities are provided to beneficiaries by way of literacy programs.

The Butterfly Project focuses on victims of human trafficking at Kamathipura and Ghatkopar area. The project also looks to aid parents of children studying at our preschool centres at Kamathipura, Kethwadi, and Ghatkopar, as well as mental health project beneficiaries.

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