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Yesterday, we shared with our readers a poster to share and spread the word on the importance and need of Literacy on the occasion of International Literacy Day. And to celebrate this occasion with our Balwadi children, Mumbai Smiles just did a quick and small yet fun activity with the children of one of the Balwadis.


All the little cute tiny tots were asked to bring their black slates to class this day. Each of their slates were then written upon with one alphabet only. The only rule was that together they say “International Literacy Day”! However, due to less number of slates, the rule was slightly modified and the word “International” was then replaced to “World”. Come to count the number of slates in class, and VOILA, it perfectly fit the number of letters of the phrase for the day!

img_4492 dsc02266

These tiny children are all for Literacy in our country and we sincerely hope that all our readers are too!


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