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Teachers are like second sets of parents for their students, who play a very important role in moulding their students’ lives, both positively and negatively. A good teacher not only teaches the syllabus, but also inspires their students to dream and work towards achieving it, be it a young or a grown-up student.

Teachers, as they say, are truly those guiding stars who take hands, open minds and touches the hearts. And although just one day is not enough to thank them for all the service they provide to the nation by creating future superstars in all fields of the world, but all over the world, there is one special day dedicated to appreciate their love, care and hard work they put into the future generations, and in India we celebrate Teacher’s Day on September 5 every year, as we have posted about here.

                               At Mumbai Smiles, our preschool teachers are the citizens of the communities where we work, who are trained and motivated regularly, in attempts to keep up with evolving times and techniques for preschool. These teachers and assistant teachers spend every day with their students, teaching them not only the alphabets and numbers, but also works towards inculcating good habits, manners and push them to their creative limits, along with taking care of their nutritional and health requirements, to ensure their healthy growth and development, both mentally and physically. And like every year, this year as well, on Teacher’s Day, we celebrated it at all our preschool centres with our 27 teachers and 27 assistants by presenting to them a small gift and a bouquet as a token of our appreciation.

Sridevi Dhavle, teacher of preschool centre no. 9 was ecstatic at this celebration, “I have always enjoyed my job at the preschool but today I feel so very proud! All the children, preschool project team, even the parents and other community citizens have wished me today and it is such a happy moment for me that I never experienced before becoming a teacher..”

Thank you teachers!

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