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Mumbai Smiles Foundation recently conducted an ice-breaking session for Shivajirao Shendge School and Wilson School beneficiaries

22nd August

The first day of school is always tough. We go with several thoughts in our head. “Will I make new friends?” “Will people think I’m weird because I talk funny?” “Am I an outcast?” are few thoughts a new kid experiences when s/he enters a new surrounding.

Mumbai Smiles Foundation recognises this, and recently, as part of its School Education Project, conducted multiple ice-breaking sessions for beneficiaries from Shivajirao Shendge School and Wilson School over the past month. The idea behind the sessions was to encourage students to interact and get comfortable around each other. Furthermore, the sessions were aimed at building rapport, fostering discipline among participants, and encouraging team formation.

Activities galore
The students participated in several unique activities that comprised team games and team-building exercises. One of the games was a unique version of passing the parcel where the students were asked to pass a bottle until the presenter said ‘Stop’. The student holding the bottle at the time was asked to introduce themselves and sing a song, thereby giving them a boost of confidence.
Another game that followed was the ‘Balloon Race’ where a balloon was placed between their legs and each student was asked to run from Point A to Point B. Students had an engaging experience balancing a book on a stick in teams of 4.

The day ended with participants getting over their initial shyness and bonding together into groups, like most kids do in school. Hopefully, these are friendships that last a lifetime!

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