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At Mumbai Smiles, we always believe that a good education is not limited to just books and classrooms, but much beyond. A holistic development of a child depends on the education that the child receives from books, teachers and also from extra-curricular activities. While most of the preschool activities are scheduled to be interactive and fun involving stories, music and physical activities as well.

Recently Sports Day was organised at all 29 preschool centres in which different types of sports competitions were organised for these children. With the purpose of instilling a sense of following rules and regulations, encouraging sportsmanship, team spirit, mental alertness as well as boosting physical growth and reducing stress, a number of different competitions were held on this occasion. With competitions ranging from normal running, to balance race (with a notebook to balance on each child’s head), to frog jump race and others, the kids enjoyed playing these games and participating in healthy competition with their parents cheering on for them.

These activities also help in developing gross motor skills in the children, including hand-eye-legs coordination encouraging the brains work in a more synchronized manner. And the best part, sports help in making new friends too!!! And as a by-product of this fun activity, parents get to cheer for their kids as well in the different races.

Sakshi, a parent of one of the students of preschool no. 8 happily exclaimed, “my child is racing like this and participating in a sports competition for the first time!” Another parent of a student of preschool no. 9 said, “my daughter is very shy in nature, but I’m so happy to see her participate in these games and she is doing so well! Thanks to this preschool of Mumbai Smiles, I now see a lot of confidence in her in the way she interacts with others and plays with other children also responsibly.”

The winners of each of the races, at each of the 29 preschool centres shall be given awarded and recognized at the next parents-teachers meeting but even other students will receive gifts for such amazing energy and enthusiasm shown by each of them at this event!

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