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The Livelihood team recently organised a fun training session for our teachers and assistant teachers of the Preschool Education program.

The session was conducted by our in-house expert, Mahendra Matele (Technical Advisor, Livelihood Initiatives), who has a rich and practical knowledge of handmade products including soaps, candles, body lotions and other spa and body products. And so, he was very happy to conduct this workshop for the women in order to train them in an additional skill that could prove to be beneficial to them in starting a new business at home if done properly.


The idea was to teach them to make natural soaps at home with natural raw materials, including natural fragrances and colours. The women thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and participated in it with much enthusiasm and vigour.

“We learnt something so new and so interesting! Now we can start using this skill for personal use as well as to start a small home business for some added income for home”, said one of the teachers. Well, we are very happy that our objective of conducting such a training session has proved beneficial for our teachers and assistants and we really hope that they can put it to use soon and financially benefit from it !!

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