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Presenting to you a sneak-peak into the today’s session of Life Skills Empowerment session.

These girls, who live in the neighbouring slum areas of Sangharshnagar are mostly the ones who end up doing their household chores since both their parents are working, involved in daily wage work, such as vegetable sellers, domestic help, rickshaw pullers, and other such work which keeps them busy throughout the day. Therefore, even though these girls, with the support of government and NGO schemes are able to receive education, they don’t have support at home to help them study more or revise, as also to teach them about the various life skills. Hence, at LSE, these girls learn about the various skills needed in life, such as communication skills, time management, stress management, sex education, good-touch-bad-touch etc.

Along with these skills, the sessions are important for these girls as they instill in them various values and discipline. Today’s session was around one such topic of Girl Child, wherein the girls, by way of a fun song and dance were discussing about the importance of girl child, perils of female foeticide and the absolute need to promote Girl Child Education.

Here is a sneak peak of the same:


We are so very happy to see the girls enjoy these sessions, especially the ones with music and dance, it gives us immense joy! And we feel happier when these girls, as a feedback to us, tell us that they will go back home and teach their family members the same!!!

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