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A skills test was conducted among 50 adolescent boys beneficiaries from the LSE Project to understand their strengths and weakness and accordingly provide them with the proper guidance.

The test started off with dissemination of basic information as to why this test is being conducted, what is its purpose and the plan that follows. The boys were then divided into teams as per age and numbers were given to each group.

IMG_0033 IMG_0047

There were a total of 7 tests conducted among each group-

1)      Passing: Each boy would get 2 minutes for this test and the whole team would get 20 minutes. Each of them had 5 turns of passing.

2)      Zigzag Dribbling: This test is basically for identifying how each one uses his legs for completing the target.

3)      Juggling:  To understand how he would play with the ball. Each boy got 2 attempts.

4)      Running Test: For this, one had to achieve the given target at a stipulated time given.

5)      Simple Juggling: The main goal of this test is to maintain control of the ball. Each got 1 attempt

6)      Passing: Direct passing ball to the given target. Each one got 5 attempts & goal is to pass to the given target.

7)      Shooting: Check whether the footing  is correct regarding shooting the ball in the goal net. There was counting for ball size and distance.. Each one had to kick 5 balls.

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Post the test, a report was for formed for each student based on their performance and an action plan was created to improve their skills accordingly. Nutrition supplements were also provided to all the beneficiaries.

The students were thrilled with the test as this made them aware of their weaknesses and strengths with respect to the game and what can be done to improve where lacking.

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  • kalidas 2016 Feb 02 / 16:51

    Development through Games…….its true !!!!

  • Pravin Birhade 2016 Feb 03 / 09:02

    This skill test is really useful to see the beneficiaries game and skills is improved and this is benefit to them and also for us to connect sessions objectives to their real life.

  • Natasha 2016 Feb 03 / 09:50

    Its interesting to see these boys advance in their football skills! Way to go!!!

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