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A couple of months ago, the Community Health project team, in coordination with the Higher Education team, had conducted a dental checkup camp in one of our partner schools, screening a total of 335 students. These students, studying in 5th-10th std. belong to severely underprivileged sections of Vikroli (north of Mumbai) and hence, many of these were found to have been suffering from one or another kind of detail issues, in need of treatment.

Over the last two months, the treatments have been completed for all the children and post the complete procedures, the doctors decided to organise an awareness session for all the children. And so this session included a general talk on how to keep one’s teeth clean, by brushing regularly and flossing, especially before sleeping at night, among other home remedies. The doctors also spoke about how to ensure good dental health by getting regular checkups and eating healthy for stronger bones.

The students had a lot of questions and the response to the session was very encouraging. Some even mentioned that they will go back home and the same to their siblings and parents! Plus the fact that the children has spent so much time with the three doctors during their health camp and treatment, made it all the more fun, interactive and comfortable for them as well as for the doctors. And for this, we wish to thank Dr. Nikhil, Dr. Vaidehi and Dr. Sidhesh, for taking out time from their busy schedules and conducting this awareness session for the students.

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  • Dr. Nirmal Ahuja 2017 Nov 28 / 01:02

    Brilliant 🙂

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