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This Friday morning at Holy Spirit Hospital’s Cancer Ward was full of hustle and bustle with young children running around and their parents attempting to make them stay at one place to not exert themselves. the occasion was Scholarship distribution program for five beneficiaries of the HOPE Project. The scholarship was awarded to Riddhi Salian, Vishal Prajapati, Rehaan Seth, Shivam Gosia and Hitesh Makwana, all tiny tots of our projects!


HOPE beneficiary Riddhi Salian recieving her scholarship cheque

The HOPE project focusing not only on medical counselling and mental preparation for cancer treatment for young patients, also encourages these tiny children to be able to lead completely normal lives post their successful treatment. So our efforts include arranging for scholarship funds for them from time to time, which encourages them to continue with their school life, in a smooth and extremely normal manner. While many of us might not understand why it takes an effort for Cancer survivors to go back to normal, disease-free life, it is important to lay emphasis on the pain, suffering and mental exhaustion that the patients and their families go through while battling with Cancer. This fatal disease, not only makes one weak physically but tires the patient out mentally with the continuous never ending treatment plans and procedures, with the contact poking and pricking of needles, with the constant reaction and side-effects to the medicines and sometimes, with disfiguration of the affected body parts as well.

Because of all of these factors, over time, many patients lose their mental strength to battle with Cancer, and that affects them even more than lack of medicines! And hence, to motivate them continuously and to keep the morales of their family up, our project organises periodical sessions, such as today, to distribute school scholarships, health camps and so on.


Three of the HOPE beneficiaries and today’s awardees

And so, today, being one of the important event days, started with an adrenaline rush and ended with smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries and strong determination in their hearts!


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