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15 APR I

Last week on 10th of April “Champion of the Month” was awarded to two of our Young and Brave HOPE Beneficiaries for successfully completing the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy required for the treatment of Cancer from which they are suffering. First of this Champion Kid is Mast. Ayush Doshi a 9 year old child suffering from Retinoblastoma, who has successfully completed 9 Chemotherapy Cycles in a hospital at Hyderabad and also has completed 25 Radiotherapy Cycles at Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri East Mumbai. The second child is Mast Rehan Shaikh 5 year old kid suffering from Lymphoma who is also our Champion of this month & has successfully completed 6 Chemotherapy Cycles at Holy Spirit Hospital, Andheri East Mumbai.

Champion of the month is an initiative in the HOPE: Care for Children with Cancer project, where we ‘reward’ a young cancer patient every month for their efforts, to undergo the almost killing treatment session with smile on their faces, finishing a course of medication, inspiration to other patients to undergo the treatment, etc. 

These kids have undergone so much of chemotherapy and radiation sessions as of now. But still when people go and meet them they welcome them with a mesmerizing smile on their face which can melt anyone’s heart. Their fighting spirit is commendable. 
To encourage Ayush and Rehan we named them “Champion of the Month” for April, at a small event at Holy Spirit Hospital, attended by the representatives of the Hospital management, medical staff, Mumbai Smiles staff and beneficiaries of the Hope project and their relatives. Both of them were gifted Toys that they’re sure to enjoy. 

Congratulations Ayush and Rehan, and keep the fighting spirit high like this, we’re all with you!




15 APR V

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