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23rd April is celebrated by all the bookworms of the world as World Book Day. Coincidentally, this day is also celebrated as St. Jordi’s Day (La Diada de Sant Jordi, the feast or festival of Saint George), the patron saint of Catalonia in a very interestingly way of combining culture with romance. Considered as the most romantic day of the year, this day is celebrated by exchanging gifts between men and women – a book for the men and a rose for the woman and we at Mumbai Smiles, also get to participate in the same in a different way!

The women of the Livelihood project, each year make a number of handmade roses using cloth which are then sent to Spain and sold on the day of St. Jordi. While many individuals purchase these roses for the beloved, there are some companies that place order with us for the same too!

This year, 22 women of our Livelihood project first underwent training to create these beautiful roses for almost 20 days and then in next 22 days, created a total of 1900 roses!

These roses, which are white, pink and red in colour, were then quality checked and then shipped to Spain and we are happy to say that all the roses have reached our Spain office (Sonrisas de Bombay), ready for St. Jordi’s; we cannot wait for April 23rd !!


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