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By combining the significance of art, history and digital awareness; photography is a powerful language to share and communicate. With this objective, a photography workshop was organized in collaboration with a Spanish Photographer Eva Parey. It was an opportunity for the Future Smiles and LSE Project beneficiaries to learn about photography as a discipline, and acquire knowledge of composition, comprehend a picture and develop a special way of looking at things and themselves.

The workshop was divided into three parts. The first part consisted of learning photography as a discipline. The second included a practical application of what was learned and the last part involved the students reviewing some photographs already taken and analyse the positives and negatives of the photograph.

The result of this workshop—application of knowledge gained by the beneficiaries in their homes, on occasions, festivals and definitely during events and programs of the organization that will in turn help these budding photographers to capture meaningful moments and evolve in this field

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  • Natasha 2015 Oct 16 / 15:18


  • Kalidas Rote 2015 Oct 19 / 14:35

    This is a good exposure for LSE students. Thanks Ms.Eva Parey ( Photographer ) to give this opportunity to the students to develop their photography skills.

  • Pravin Birhade 2015 Oct 23 / 17:30

    It is nice Workshop organized for LSE & Future Smiles beneficiaries. It’s a great platform for beneficiaries where they can present their skills in front of people. I can say by this workshop participants Self Esteem will definitely increase & they can present their skill in future for their own development. I would like to say thanks to Ms. Eva Parey for teaching Photography to our beneficiaries & make them aware about their skills.

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