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21 MAY I

Personality development session was organized on 17th of May 2013 for the candidates enrolled in Advanced Computer and Retail Sales course in the SEED Project.

A total of 50 candidates participated in this 3 hour long session. Mr. Prakash Mohite who runs his own NGO and is an expert in conducting such sessions was called as resource person. Mr. Mohite talked about positive thinking, interpersonal skills and role of communication in developing one’s personality. It was an interactive session wherein candidates shared their life’s experiences which was moderated by light jokes cracked by the resource person in between.

In today’s scenario if we see the job requirement for any position in the market; one thing that is must is to possess a good personality. A good personality is an amalgam of good communication skills, interpersonal skills, positive thinking, mannerism, and etiquette. Either to get employed in some company or to start your own enterprise all the above qualities are required. Personality Development fundamentally means grooming and enhancing ones inner and outer personal to bring in the positive change for your life.

Keeping this in mind we have customized our courses by making personality development an inbuilt part of it. It refines a person’s ability and brings out the best from him/her. They develop a positive outlook towards life and confidence to excel in whatever they do.

In the pictures below you can see beneficiaries thoroughly enjoying this session.



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