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So we are here with the penultimate post on the Pasonoroeste visit to Mumbai Smiles. This post covers their last visit with us, to our Future Smiles Partner School, St. Rock’s High School!


The visit started with the Field Coordinator, Pravin Birhade explaining to our visitors the idea behind the Future Smiles Project, wherein the project provides scholarship to children with underprivileged background to be able to continue their education up to college level. To help bridge the language barrier, our volunteer Rohan Joshi also helped translate the information from Marathi-English to Spanish for our visitors. Post this introductory session, the visitors then interacted with a few students and visited some empty classrooms as well. Since this visit during exam time, we didn’t enter classes with students, but the excitement in the air, for even empty classrooms was contagious!

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We also met the Principal as well as the Trustee of the School to understand the background of the school and their relationship with Mumbai Smiles better. The interaction continued for a good one hour in the empty classrooms as well as terrace of the school, where the visitors gathered information on all school activities and extra-curricular activities.


FCo Pravin and the visitors in conversation with Trustee of the School, Mr. Elvis

Then we moved to meet some students of Std. 11, whose classes for this academic year had begun just the day earlier. There was a lot of excitement among the students as well as visitors and everyone had a blast learning about each others’ lives and how they do NOT differ much between Spain and India. In fact, Yolanda, Christine and Natalia exclaimed how this school is so much similar to their own childhood memories of school!



 A satisfactory and happy visit indeed!

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