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We are back with the fifth update on Pasonoroeste visit. This update is on their visit to one of our Life Skills Empowerment (LSE) sessions in Sangharshnagar (Powai) area.


Pasonoroeste Group and LSE Girls pose together for the shutterbugs!

LSE, as we have mentioned before is a learning program for the adolescent beneficiaries, where they are taught the most basic skills needed in life to survive with the aim of their mental and psycho-socio development. This includes the list of skills listed by the WHO (World Health Organisation) like the reflective skills (such as critical thinking and problem solving), personal skills (such as self-awareness in terms of physical as well as mental changes that teenage years bring with it) and inter-personal skills. Along with these, we also included workshops on self-defence, field visits to police stations etc. And the visit to this project turned out to be the most fun one for this group!


Pravin Birhade explaining the project to visitors and answering their questions

The visit started with Field Coordinator, Pravin Birhade explaining the entire concept with details of all exposure visits and workshops conducted over last year. And then started an interactive session among the 12 visitors and 25 LSE girls! What then started with a general “hi, hello” and pleasantries then turned into a fun session, when the girls found out that one of the visitors, Laura is an artist! Laura, equally excited showed her art-book to the girls, and the number of “oohs” and “wows” just didn’t stop for another 15 minutes till the girls clicked a photograph, exclusively with Laura!


Yolanda and LSE girls looking at Laura’s art-book


Laura (centre) with LSE beneficiaries

Exchange of pleasantries and photo session continued among all the visitors and girls and with the level of comfort among them, no one could have said that they all met each other for the first time that day! And what was meant to be a short visit, ended up becoming an hour long fun and interactive bonding session for all.

DSC01561 DSC01572

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  • kalidas rote 2016 Sep 07 / 09:53

    wow!!!!!! Visitors got exposure to meet beneficiaries of the LSE program. They always give a very positive motivation through an interactive session with our beneficiaries. Hats off to all visitor from bottom to my heart !!!!

  • Vikas Gaikwad 2016 Sep 07 / 10:50

    Good to see nice activities of LSE project… congratulations team.

  • Jason 2016 Sep 11 / 21:34

    I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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