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We are back with more updates on the visit by Pasonoroeste, a group of 12 enthusiastic travellers from Spain, who decided to spend two days at Mumbai Smiles, exploring our Project sites to understand the situation of Mumbai slums and its issues in greater details. While some of the visitors are already associated with Mumbai Smiles (Sonrisas de Bombay, Spain), for some this was a completely new experience.


PasoNoroeste with HOPE Team and Beneficiaries at Holy Spirit hospital

On the second day of the visit, we visited the Holy Spirit hospital to cover the HOPE project for Pasonoroeste Team. HOPE, being a psycho-socio care project for children (0-18 years old) suffering from the fatal disease of Cancer, is not bound to a particular project site. But Mumbai Smiles, in partnership with Holy Spirit Hospital and Wadia Hospital, on regular intervals organises various activities and events for our HOPE beneficiaries. These activities include some fun elements and some essential elements, such as Drawing Competition, Nutrition Counselling, Scholarship Distribution for these younglings to be able to continue with their education along (and post) treatment, and so on. And hence, in order to introduce our Visitors to the young beneficiaries of this project, we organised our monthly event of Champion of the Month, which is celebrating the determination and strength of that one beneficiary every month, who has been regular with their treatment and medications and has shown exceptional strength in the face of the adversity called Cancer.


Introduction to Project by Supriya, Program Officer of HOPE


Introduction of Beneficiaries by Supriya, Program Officer of HOPE

The afternoon began with a general introduction of the project by Supriya, the Program Office of HOPE, for our visitors, wherein Supriya introduced them to all the beneficiaries. This is where, Rohan Joshi, our volunteer with the Awareness Department, played a very important role of translating the information from Hindi/English to Spanish for our visitors. Post the interactive introduction session, there was a cake cutting ceremony for Sachin, the Champion of the Month, followed by Scholarship Distribution as well, where some of the visitors were more than happy to give out the scholarships!

DSC01499 DSC01523 DSC01525

The interaction among the young and tiny beneficiaries and the visitors was beyond any language barrier and the joy on each of their faces brightened the hospital ward multiple times!

DSC01535 DSC01539

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