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‘Pasonoreste’, a Spanish group of enthusiastic travellers recently took a trip to India for a couple of weeks, including a two-day visit to Mumbai Smiles and its projects.

A group of 12 individuals, working in diverse fields such as teaching, painting, designing etc, graciously took out time from their schedules to visit the various projects of Mumbai Smiles and the excitement was clearly visible on each of their faces! and while some of them knew English fluently, others weren’t as comfortable with the language. So, to make communication easier, Rohan, an extremely active and  volunteer with the Awareness Department, graciously agreed to spend time with us to helps us all communicate better by translating from Spanish to English and vice-versa.

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And this excitement just grew with every project stop that we took. Starting from the Balwadi Project to the Future Smiles, followed by the Livelihood Project to LSE, with each of these projects, they learned more and more about the socio-economic status of the slum-dwelling areas of Mumbai, specifically Andheri area. What they had in mind before coming to India and to Mumbai Smiles, was a mere pictorial idea of what the slums look like, but a taste of their everyday life is what they were here for, to be able to understand the gravity of the disparity prevalent in the slum communities and the daily-issues faces by them.


It is not possible to share all their experiences in just one blog post, so we leave this blog post with their happy smiling faces today, with a promise to be back with more details of their visit tomorrow!



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