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Various organizations and entities are experts in different fields and have a diverse set of skills and resources at their disposal. We believe that when two or more organizations with a common vision come together and work in harmony, it can create wonders and bring a marked sense of improvement to the lives of our beneficiaries.

We work towards education, health and livelihood of our beneficiaries and we do understand that there are other organizations out there that can being value to our projects through their expertise. An effective partnership leads to a sustainable impact in the lives of those who need our support.

Here are some effective partnerships that have worked for the beneficiaries:


Axis Bank gave us space in their premises to sell products made by the beneficiaries of the livelihood project so that the proceeds could go to the women   


Portescap encouraged their employees to support ‘Girl Child Education’ of our Future Smiles project by providing scholarships to educate the girl child

Deloitte partnered with us for conducting health camps on dental & ENT at our Future Smiles partner schools

Vitamin Angels trained our Balwadi teachers in administering vitamins to our Balwadi children and they supply these vitamins as well.


Tara & Navnirmiti Foundation A traveller from Ireland partnered with us to provide ‘learning with fun’ material to our Balwadi children and trained the teachers on the use of this material


Aditya Jyot Hospital supports in conducting eye screening camps & follow up treatment

Holy Spirit Hospital which has a cancer ward works very closely with the HOPE project team that provides psycho-social support to children with cancer


Cancer Patient AID Association partnered with us for conducting a cervical cancer screening camp for our SEED women from the livelihood program

Once you go through our website, if you feel there is an area where your organization or you can explore a partnership opportunity that will be of value to our beneficiaries, please fill up the following:

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