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Mumbai Smiles Foundation has made a concrete plan to improve the lives of victims of human trafficking and street children.

10th May

Mumbai is the city of dreams for some, but the house of horrors for others. While most people reading this blog have had a protected life, there would be others who aren’t so lucky. Mumbai has emerged as a major destination for human trafficking, with victims getting lured with the pretext of jobs. While this tragedy befalls thousands of women, nearly 40,000 children face a similar fate, as they are found begging on the streets without proper education or food.

This is where Mumbai Smiles Foundation comes in. Mumbai Smiles Foundation has helped in the rehabilitation of multiple street children and victims of human trafficking so that they lead lives of dignity. And they have been doing so through various initiatives.

This year is no different – but we have a renewed perspective! And have sharpened our focus on specific target populations!

In the financial year 2019-20, Mumbai Smiles Foundation continues working in the areas of health, education, livelihood, and awareness building, with women and children as the focus just like the previous years – however this year the two key programs of Mumbai Smiles will focus on specific audiences even within the larger groups of women and children which are: women who are victims of human trafficking and street children.

An assessment study plays a critical role is shaping community intervention strategies. Mumbai Smiles Foundation organized a study over the last few months that has helped identify these specific target groups for interventions, and the needs of these underprivileged and marginalized community members so that the programs are designed in line with the community’s need and with MS’s vision and mission.

The study has also helped identify specific locations and project intervention areas for 2019-20.

The team is buzzing with enthusiasm and motivation and is all set to roll out the programs starting June this year.

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