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Unit Head - Health & Nutrition orienting Balwadi Teachers and Assistants.

Unit Head – Health & Nutrition orienting Balwadi Teachers and Assistants.

First bimonthly meeting with Balwadi Teachers and Assistants for the academic year 2015-16 was held on 31st of July 2015.This event was marked by the presence of our Director, Mr. Narendra Kumar Dundu, Unit Head – Health and Nutrition, Unit Head – HR, Admin. & Accounts & Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator. 28 Teachers and Assistants attended this event. The purpose of this event was to orient and motivate the ground functionaries of the project for better delivery of their services and also to emphasize on the importance of abiding to the set protocols within the project. Our Executive Director gave an opening speech during the event citing the life story of our Late Honourable President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He also spoke of dedication and commitment as fundamental to successful implementation of any project. Later Unit Head – HR, Admin. & Accounts shared HR and Admin. guidelines with them for achieving the best outcomes by better coordination among themselves. This was followed by a small motivational speech by Unit Head – Health & Nutrition.


During the event all the Balwadis were reviewed of their performances and the concerned persons were given feedback on the ways to improve the same.


We do constant evaluation of our projects to deliver better services to our target communities. As a part of it we do orientation of the staff on regular intervals for helping them develop better and clear insight of the project.

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  • Vikas Gaikwad 2015 Aug 17 / 09:25

    Its right event to interact with grass root functionaries, to know the status of the project.

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