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In the year 2007, the General Assembly of United Nations declared February 20 as International Social Justice Day, inviting the member states to devote this day to promoting social peace, security and justice by way of poverty eradication, gender equality, access to social amenities and other such measures, in order to bring about a positive change in the world to make it just and peaceful for all its citizens.

Injustice can have many faces. Financial, Social or Gender-related, and many a times, the person suffering the injustice doesn’t even realise that his/her Rights are being denied to them and that they can legally stand up for themselves. Be it unfair wages at workplace, or denial of a house on rent because of one’s caste/religion/food preference, denying someone entry in to a five star hotel because of his/her dressing or even discarding somebody’s admission form on the basis of his/her social status. These are all illegal practices. But unfortunately they exist. In our Society, in our City, in our Country. Sometimes they happen right in front of us and we simply overlook these instances because we have become extremely immune to such ill-practices.

It is the 17th year of 21st century and it is about time that we – each one of us – take a stand to ensure social justice to all, ourselves as well as those with whom we interact every day – our milkman, our security guard, our vegetable vendor or even our rickshaw driver.

We, at Mumbai Smiles, stand with the United Nations and support this day. And with our infant project JUMP2justice (J2J), under the Advocacy vertical, we are proud to say that this financial year, this project team has conducted total of 89 awareness sessions, 4 community events, 3 wall paintings, hundreds of pamphlets and flyers and lot of personal interaction, with which 1829 members of the community were informed about Human Rights that is guaranteed to all the citizens, along with the procedure to contact the concerned authorities in case of any injustice.

In our peaceful struggle against poverty, we extend a warm hand of gratitude towards all our supporters, members, donors, and mostly importantly to the citizens of the communities, who form a major chuck of the Mumbai Smiles family!

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