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Jaume Sanllorente, the Founder and President of Mumbai Smiles, started this Foundation as a one-man army, and slowly and steadily his team grew to join him with the vision of a poverty-free Mumbai, with people joining him both from both, India and Spain.

One such member of Mumbai Smiles family from a few years ago is Nuria Curos, who had worked in Mumbai Smiles as a Partnerships & Marketing personnel before she moved her base to another place. Having worked here in the earlier days of the Foundation, Nuria has been able to see the growth of this organisation with the communities that we work with, and completely understands the mission and vision of Mumbai Smiles as well as the work that goes into the attempt of accomplishing them for a better Mumbai.

Recently, Nuria returned to Mumbai Smiles for the fourth time, this time with her partner, Josep Maria who works as a chef in Spain. Nuria was extremely happy with the progress that our communities have made over the last few years, with increase in the number of Preschool Education Centres, the new projects of Life Skills Empowerment & JUMP2justice and the improvements in the area of health and nutrition in the citizens of our communities through our various projects.

With the promise to return again soon, Nuria and Josep left on an extremely happy and content note and we thank them deeply for their continued support to our communities and us!

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