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It is 2018 already and we cannot wait to unfold what this year has in store for us.

We are sure of a lot of changes that we are determined to bring about in the slum communities of Mumbai, in and around our project areas. But we have begun with moving closer to our project area of Marol Pipeline. Yes, we have shifted our office, much closer to the project site, to be able to work better and more swiftly now. The move had been long pending, as it was the dream of our founder and General Director, Jaume Sanllorente, to move closer to our citizens and beneficiaries for quite some time now, and after much planning we have made the move!

The last day in our old office!

The work is still in process inside the office to fit in some new and better changes in our office space (about which we will definitely write and inform you all on our blog) and for now we are very excited to be working in a new space!

As they say, Change is the only Constant in this world. And that is true for everything! And this is what we, at Mumbai Smiles Foundation, are hoping to see in this new year as well, a positive and healthy change and many improvements in our project areas with the combined efforts of all stakeholders of Mumbai Smiles Foundation. And we are extremely thankful to each and every supporter of Mumbai Smiles Foundation, for howmuchever each one has contributed to our efforts, be it in cash, kind or pure efforts, because without your support, none of our work would have been possible at all. So a BIG thank you and we are sure that with YOUR support, our citizens will achieve better education and health this year!

To become our donor in this new year, click here and become a donor today and change a life!

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