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                Today we would like to introduce to you all, a happy mother whose daughter, Shreya has beaten Cancer very bravely and both the mother and daughter continue to be associated with Mumbai Smiles even after completion of Shreya’s treatment as part of HOPE project.

Name:  Manisha Dhole

Age: 43 years

                “Shreya is the calmer of my two children. She enjoys drawing and wants to become an Architect when she grows up. She also loves playing basketball and every year during the vacations, she and her cousins love to play ball games all holiday-long. We are very weak financially, since my husband is the only breadwinner of our family and he works as a clerk in a private company. But we manage to provide food and education to our children somehow and we were content in our life with small happiness now and then,” says Manisha Dhole, a 43 year old house about her 15 year old daughter, Shreya Dhole. “But last year, in the summer vacation before her 10th standard began, we felt a huge blow to our happiness…”

                Manisha recalls the time when her daughter “Suddenly, Shreya started getting very high fever that wouldn’t come down and after a couple of days she started complaining of constant unbearable pain in her legs. We tried everything that we could – local doctors, Ayurveda but none of the medicines provided any relief. Then at Holy Spirit hospital, we found out that Shreya was suffering from Ewing Sarcoma (a type of Bone Cancer) and her father almost collapsed with shock. We didn’t know how to tell our children this news!”

                After somehow absorbing the shock of the news, they found out that the cost of their daughter’s treatment to save their child was Rs.7 lacks. They knew they couldn’t afford it. “We thought we would lose our child to this deadly disease since we didn’t know how to arrange the funds for her treatment. And she needed immediate treatment before the disease would spread through the body.”

                Both the parents tried managing the funds, right from exhausting all their savings to selling their jewellery and also borrowing from friends and relatives but were falling short of cash very severely. Meanwhile the hospital got them in touch with the HOPE program officer of Mumbai Smiles and this helped them a lot with getting diagnostic, counselling and nutrition support. As a psycho-socio project, HOPE cannot help financially or for radiation but complete support is given to the child in terms of nutrition, medical support and scholarship for school to be able to continue a regular life with good morale and enthusiasm. As for the financial help for radiation treatment, so this is where Holy Spirit Hospital came to their rescue since they have collaborations with some funding organisations.

Shreya at HOPE events

                Manisha is very happy now. She explains why, “thanks to the HOPE project of Mumbai Smiles and Holy Spirit Hospital, Shreya is completely cured and is able to continue her studies as well. And the best part is that she made so many amazing friends at the hospital with other kids (other beneficiaries of Mumbai Smiles) that even after being cured, she ensures that she attends all the programs there, be it Champion of the Month or any Drawing Competition or any other function, where she gets to meet her friends. And both she and I now feel that it is our responsibility to help other kids and parents there now. We tell them how important it is to listen to the doctors about regular checkups and about the nutrition. And that they must listen to the HOPE project manager too about the nutrition and counselling sessions. It is extremely important to keep the child’s morale up, that makes the treatment more effective!”

                Thank you for such encouraging words and for supporting us! We wish great health for all the children!!!

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