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Laboratory equipments and instruments provided to the Science Department at St. Rock’s High School.

25th February

Science, a complex yet interesting subject is different from other subjects taught in school as students need to focus on practical learning of various scientific methods and processes. It is observed that educational institutes who combine classroom or textbook teaching with science laboratory experiments are able to derive the best results for their students.

One of the most powerful tools for empowering individuals and communities is ensuring every individual receives quality education at every life milestone. Towards this end, on 5th February, 2019, Mumbai Smiles’ provided science laboratory materials and equipments to students at St. Rock’s High School. Our General Director, Jaume said that the materials provided will help students learn science more effectively, complete their schooling with better understanding, and inspire them to pursue science in future.

Everyone is born equal, but due to numerous unforeseen circumstances lack equal opportunity. Mumbai Smiles strives hard to provide equal opportunities for students to learn, and fulfill their Right to Education.

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