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Recently, we shared with you all the good news of receiving happy first responses from our donors in Spain on receiving our emotional gifts this year. These gifts were handmade by the girls of Life Skills Empowerment project, who have been associated with this project of ours over the past three years (since its inception) and to help with this activity, we have had the support of Lucia, our collaborator in Mumbai, who has designed the emotional gift for us and conducted workshop sessions for creating the same with the girls.

The process of the emotional gift making began with Lucia ideating the gift as fridge-magnet-butterflies and Natasha, the Awareness & Responsive Action Coordinator, along with Komal, the intern of the Awareness Department, in coordination with Lucia, collecting the raw materials for the same, which included coloured and designer sheets, small magnets and other materials.

Following that, Prafullata, the animator of LSE got in touch with all the beneficiaries of LSE of last three batches and explained to them about this activity. Those interested in this activity signed up for the same and a schedule was created to make these magnet-butterflies in two batches as per the convenience of the girls (considering their school and college hours).

And then began the workshop to create these beautiful gifts, conducted by Lucia to make a total of 6400 butterflies (2 for each of our Donors).


But making the butterflies was just the first step. Step 2 began with printing of the cards to go with the butterflies that gave details of our theme of the year, “Girl Child Education”.

For this, along with Lucia, we were extremely happy to get the help of our office assistants, Vinayak, Oscar, Samson and Nandu, as well as two volunteers, Nikita and Montse, who helped with the packing of the gifts, which included a letter from our Founder, Jaume Sanllorente, and a card about the gift and our theme of the year. And finally after the entire process, the gifts were sent out to our 3200 donors to reach them around the International Girl Child Day, which is October 11!

We want to thank all each and everyone associated with this activity, right from Lucia to Komal to the LSE team, to the office assistants, to Montse and Nikita, for going out of their way to help us make these gifts to express our gratitude towards the support of our donors and members and we are so very happy to have received such happy responses for the same!

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