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Lucia Galant Martinez is a very dear friend and a collaborator of Mumbai Smiles as well as Sonrisas de Bombay, who often, selflessly helps us with different activities such as Emotional Gifts, Content Development etc. She has been associated with us for more than 6 months now and has become an integral part of our organisation, spreading her joy and the goodness of her heart among our team members as well as our beneficiaries.

Currently a resident of Mumbai, Lucia lives with her husband and recently her family came to Mumbai to visit her. Having heard about us and our projects from Lucia, her family was very keen to visit our projects before moving on to more touristy activities, so they spent an entire day with us and enjoyed interacting with our team and beneficiaries. And they were very happy to see their daughter working in a new environment with the mission to create a more equal and just future for Mumbai.

The family first visited our preschool in the tribal area of Saibangoda and observed the tiny smiling faces of the school engrossed in the fun activities of singing stories with their teachers and enjoying enactment of the different characters of the story. Post preschool, it was time for a home visit, when they met a single (widowed) mother of three children, who are all receiving scholarship through Mumbai Smiles for their education and interacted with her (with the help of our field coordinators as translator). Their afternoon session was to our model preschool where they visited during their playtime and were extremely happy to observe the innocent talks and cute interactions of the preschool tiny tots with their teachers.

The family was extremely happy to have seen our work themselves, observing the lives of our citizens who manage to lead their daily life with bare minimum resources. They really appreciated our Founder & General Director’s work and Mumbai Smiles, saying, “thank you so much in making us believe more in mankind. Thank you for all the work. Behind all this work, there are incredible efforts to create a better future for these children and their families and we wish that all your dreams come true.”

Thank you so much! We are glad to have supporters like Lucia and her family who support our cause as collaborators and ambassadors, whose support proves to be huge step for us in moving closer to our dream of seeing an equal and just Mumbai one day.

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