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In our earlier blogs here, we shared with all our readers about the Emotional Gift activity by the beneficiaries of the Livelihood Centre, in collaboration with the New Glances Project, wherein they made some very beautiful friendship bands for our supporters and friends in Spain. In addition to these gifts, out Founder and President, Mr. Jaume Sanllorente wrote a letter of gratitude for all their support and unconditional love.

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And today we are extremely happy to share some of the lovely comments and images that we have received from Spain!

Nuria Santiago

Image shared by Nuria Santiago sporting the friendship band

Maria Moya: Dear friends, today I have received your gift. The friendship band is precious and symbolises your solidarity and your commitment. It’s a privilege to belong to your family. A hug to you all, especially to Jaume Sanllorente. I have already worn the band and its going to be on my wrist for a long time. I promise to make a visit to your projects whenever I can. Love you all!

Mar L. Pinas: It was a few days ago that a postman delivered an envelope……and surprise!! It was a letter from India and on opening it, there were millions of smiles that filled my day with happiness and inevitably the key of my emotions opened the door to hundreds of memories….It was a few years ago that I had the privilege of visiting and enjoying with you all your projects and today it makes me immensely happy to see how the projects are moving ahead and not only that but with a lot of efforts and tenacity along with lots of happiness. Thank you for this beautiful band of friendship and thank you for helping me believe that a better world is possible. A big hug to you all that fight for this cause.

Aitor Torre sporting the emotional gift

Aitor Torre sporting the emotional gift

Aitor Torre: Thank you very much for the gift. Although it may appear as something insignificant, but for sure it’s going to help us remember your great work of which we are a part of since years and we hope that we continue to be a part of them for years to come.

Diego Gallardo

Diego Gallardo showing off his gift pack!

Diego Gallardo Chaves: I just received a little gift from Mumbai smiles for Friendships Day. A beautiful little friendship band made by the people of the community of the slums of Bombay in which the Foundation of Jaume Sanllorente carries on its wonderful work. Thank you #Mumbai Smiles and #JaumeSanllorenete # UnMundoMejorEsPosible.

Muchas Gracias for such an encouraging response! We love all the love pouring in; keep them coming! 🙂

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