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02 APR I

On 22nd of March 2013, a small library was set up for the Hope Project beneficiaries. Hope project provides emotional, social and financial support to the children suffering from cancer who fall under the age group of 0 – 18 years.

The chemotherapy treatment makes the children very weak internally. It has also been seen that the patients get annoyed by small things which is an outcome of the treatment. Strong dosage of drugs and lengthy procedure of treatment drains the body of all the energy. This hinders the children from playing and moreover their discontinuity from school somewhere develops an inferiority complex in them.

Keeping this in mind we thought of setting up a library which can be the best medium for their recreation. At present six children undergoing treatment are benefitting from this library. Library has books ranging from motivational, moral values, general knowledge to short stories. These books are not only a means of recreation for these children but it also builds a positive energy for them. Our project beneficiary Prathamesh says, “Books have become my best friend now. I read not only for fun but the moral books in the library gives me the strength to keep moving ahead in life with full conviction and faith”.

Some of you might be interested in extending help to these really needy children by donating books or in monetary terms. Mumbai Smiles will be more than happy to get any small support to make life easier & happier for our beneficiaries. You can contact us @ 022 – 29208644 or email us at

Let’s bring smiles together!!!


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