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Mumbai Smiles creates first generation of learners in the poorest community at Mankhurd

7th May

It’s been a proud moment for Mumbai Smiles Foundation after 30 children living in Mankhurd, one of Mumbai’s poorest locations, became the first-generation of individuals in their families to complete Class 1.

Mumbai Smiles Foundation researched the condition of street children in Mumbai and shortlisted these 30 children in the transit camp at Mankhurd. Given that Mankhurd is one of the poorest areas of the city, giving these children quality education was a challenge, but the team did not give up, and very recently these children completed their first year of education.

The team at Mumbai Smiles Foundation collected the necessary documents and scrutinised each application, following which scholarships were given to the 30 students. The children were also provided educational kits that comprised schoolbags, notebooks, geometry box, pens and uniforms, basis school requirements


On April 25, 2019, these 30 children, along with their parents, proudly accepted their first ever report card.
These 30 children will now move from Class 1 and enter Class 2. The parents, too, have expressed joy in their children doing well at school.

The event is a big milestone in their lives, with no exposure to education in these families.

For us, the endeavour is to use this as an example to encourage other parents to send their children to school.

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